Cinnamon Pear Dark Balsamic Vinegar


This is a balsamic which really shines after dinner.  The rich Sri Lankan toasted cinnamon aroma reminds us of warm baking and the sweet smell of Anjou pear reminds us of late summer fruits. It’s a perfect combination for autumn nights. We love it on ice cream, too! Vanilla ice cream becomes fruity vanilla cinnamon bun pear ice cream with just a drizzle.


Pair This Balsamic With

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): Any Olive That! EVOO

Infused EVOO: Basil, Blood Orange, Savoury Butter, Sweet Butter

Agrumato (Fused) EVOO: Orange

Specialty Nut & Seed Oil: Roasted Almond, Butternut Squash Seed, Roasted Hazelnut, Roasted Pistachio, Roasted Walnut

Use For

Marinades for Slow Cooked or Roasted Pork, Vinaigrette, Reductions, Root Vegetables, Leafy/Winter Greens, Winter Squash, Breakfast Pastries, Fresh Fruit, Creamy Desserts, Cocktails, Ice Cream

Nutrition Facts


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