Curry Infused Olive Oil

Is your spice cabinet nearly empty? Not to worry! Our Curry Infused EVOO will take the place of several of those savoury spices. Pleasantly piquant, this infused EVOO will add a wonderful, warm, curry influence on an array of dishes. Use with yogurt for a lamb or chicken marinade, drizzle over root vegetables for roasting, brush over corn on the grill, or even use to finish creamy soups. This oil will find it’s way into more recipes than you can imagine!

Dark Balsamic: Blackberry Ginger, Dark Chocolate, Maple
White Balsamic: Balsamico Bianco, Coconut, Honey GingerPeach, Pineapple, Piedmont Honey, Sicilian Lemon
Whole Fruit Balsamic: Italian Mango, Passionfruit Jalapeno

Couscous, Grilled Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Marinades for Lamb, Poultry, and Fish, Corn, Soups

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